Many, many moons ago, I was out on my nocturnal ramblings as usual. (Yes, this is an old pic, although I don't look much different. Only fatter.) I returned home sans my luminous orange collar, very small bell and registration tags. GG was upset. Not so much because she'd paid quite a lot of dollars to the Humane Society, but because, as she said, "How will people get in touch with me in case of emergency?"

Frankly, I wasn't too fussed. In fact, I've been quite content not to have all that stuff around my neck. GG seems to like hanging chains around hers, and wrapping scarves, but I'd rather be free of all constraints. OTOH I prefer it when GG is happy.

And now she is, because kind Marianne found my collar etc and posted on facebook. Now all we need is for Kilometres or chere Cheryl to come by and help attach it again. With kiting time already here, and boating season about to begin, I suggested GG not hold her breath.

She did enjoy meeting Marianne's beautiful grey cat. So did I!!