Too much fun!


Kilometres and his family were away over the Easter weekend, so it was (mostly) up to meow  to keep GG company. We did have overnight guests on Sunday, but that didn't impact me at all. I kept a low profile... not always so easy as I still have my winter furriness.,, not to mention some Covid weight gain.

Anyway, Kilometres phoned to say 'Happy Easter' and asked if the Easter Bunny had paid a visit. To my indignation, I heard GG reply, "No, because Freddie frightens the rabbits away." I have no idea how she knows this.

Of course, the real question was, Did she get any chocolate Easter eggs? Here again, the answer is 'no'. However, don't imagine GG is in any way deprived. She has a secret stash of expensive, imported, organic chocolate bars. She claims it's actually economical because she only eats a square or two, or five.

Yes, I count. Up till now I haven't had to switch to a second paw to keep tally.