Purrrrsonally, I’d say cat nap is a misnomer. GG tells me it’s supposed to refer to a shortish sleep during the day in general. Let’s say no longer than five to twenty minutes at most. WELL!! I’m sure you know that we felines have a real talent for restorative sleep that can go on for much longer than that, even for, say, twelve hours if we’ve been doing what cats do, and go on the prowl.

GG takes a nap most days after her midday kibble. Definitely more of a horse nap, I’d say, especially as she does snort (occasionally). I don’t snort, although I do groan occasionally in sensuous appreciation. 

As for going on the prowl at night. Not often, but she does go over to OP (the Other Place in case you’ve forgotten) from time to time. I know this because I can sense those other two cats around her when she returns. Other nights her outings are as mysterious to me as mine are to her. And I’m keeping it that way.

As for meow, I prefer to think of mine as — zonking out, pushing the zzzzzs, Gyppo p.t., call it what you will.— lion sleeps because I go off to spend time in that great jungle in the sky, my happy place.

p.s. though I meows it wot shouldn’t, on waking, I’m also extreeemely good at stretching. GG and I might be on a part when it comes to sleep, but she can’t get anywhere near my prowess in this arena. She simply can’t do the spine extension like I can. Very occasionally she performs a yoga exercise called the ‘cat’. Pffft. Looks completely ridiculous. No way would I do that, although I have been know to arch my back on occasion. Plus, of course, I lap up my spoonful  of yogurt of a morning. GG buys a special organic, whole milk kind which comes in a glass jar. Yummmmmmm.