Last night I lost my thumb nails. (Nothing to do with tiny photos, folks). I guess that’s just part of nightlife in the jungle a.k.a. our quiet, suburban neighbourhood.

When GG let me in the back door before 6 this morning — a bit after dawn — I tried to explain to her how this happened, but she didn’t understand. Nevertheless, she noticed straight away. She was distressed. She commiserated. And then she put some magic healing ointment on, organic, herbal, natural of course.

Maybe cats can get claw implants? GG says she’ll find out. First though she’s going to research whether my claw can regrow. Her research is much different from mine which involves scouting and pouncing and occasionally immitating the statue that stands in the garden. She sits completely static, apart from her fingers which dance around on that part of her computer she doesn’t like me to lie on. 

From now on I’ll have to type using four claws instead of five. Don’t expect that to slow me down!


Ciaou for miaow ;-)