This is kitten me. fyi I'm now twice the size, furrier and darker, especially down my back. 

Anymiaow, I was asked: how do I know Chère-Cheryl’s fave colour is blue? I can produce evidence… well, I could if someone gave me access to a camera. Not gonna happen, I’m afred. Besides, I’m not very accurate, digitally speaking. Claws, you know?
I might be better at texting. Tap tap tap.
When the temperature’s below freezing, unlike me, she needs an extra covering on her head. Chère-Cheryl’s two hats are both blue.
I wonder what I’d look like in a hat? On second thoughts, scratch that. Although two boys live at Opie, they might just take it into their heads to dress me up. That would be an insult to my dignity.
Also, I can tell you about her bedroom. All the four walls are completely blue, floor to ceiling. GG calls the colour Wedgwood blue, and tells me she has friends who have the genuine article in cups and saucers. I’ll believe that when I see it. The latter possibility is remote. GG generally doesn’t take me with her when she goes on visits. Besides, to get to the cottage where that Wedgwood tea set is stored involves crossing a lake. She tells me.
Some cats spend hot summer weeks at ‘The Cottage’. I don’t. Maybe because GG doesn’t own a cottage? But I know about this common Canadian practice through my psychic powers i.e. via what other felines convey.
In a way, I’m thankful. Getting there, so I hear, involves a lengthy car journey. I hate going in the car. Voice my displeasure as loudly as possible. Fortunately, it’s a very short ride to Opie (the Other Place, remember?).
Plus, I don’t like water. Except to drink. Then it’s miaow Elixir of Life.
GG’s bedroom is brown. How boring and depressing is that? One time when her daughter, Kit-the-Kat, (who’s actually human, i.e. not to cause any confusion) was lying on the bed she asked, “Mum, do you like living in a paper bag?”
“No. I don’t.” GG replied. “I would love to repaint, something like the blush of dawn.”
Sometimes I get the feeling GG is a romantic.