Let's talk WHISKERS!!!

I’m proud of mine. GG hates hers. Miaow… Maybe she has a point because her are minuscule compared to mine. Plus, she can’t wiggle them or sense anything with them like I can. In fact, she does this really, really weird thing. Like, she looks at herself in a special mirror. Unlike in the 'Sleeping Beauty' (GG tells me it's an Easter type folk tale) this mirror lies. i.e. it makes her face five times bigger than it actually is. Crazy, non?
This mirror is also not on the wall, but on the bathroom counter, that place where GG accumulates lots of bottles, tubes and brushes.... Why??? I have a brush. She keeps near near my kibble in a corner of the kitchen. Why?? Duh! Because that's the place I haunt. When she brushes me, it's almost as blissful as getting scratchiest.
Anyhow, looking in the mirror, she twists her mouth to one side (might qualify as gurning, that). She grabs this pincer-type instrument and yanks. Ouch!! I’m glad no-one tries that on me or my whiskers.

It takes her a little while to get rid of them.

I wonder… are whiskers the defining attribute of all cats big and small? You know, lions, bobcats, all those kinds. All I know is, we domestics would look strange without, whereas GG looks normal once she’s done plucking hers. Then she forgets about them for a while. I mean!! I never forget about mine. Not even when I’m sleeping… or let’s say dozing, to be completely accurate. She proclaims whiskers are one of the downsides of aging, while  think they're a benefit. 

Take a look at my kitten pic as opposed to full-grown Freddie. See the difference? Can you??