NEWS! I've taken up what I hear is a popular and well thought of hobby: BIRD WATCHING! No-one can possibly object to that, can they?

See, GG got a new bird feeder from the family last Christmas. Up until the last few weeks I really didn't consider it that much of a gift. I mean, all it did was hang there on the spruce tree, sometimes swinging slightly in the breeze. Apart from the occasional squirrel I observed no activity whatsoever.

But now that spring is finally, finally here... ACTION! Birds, small, medium, drab and colourful, fly in and fly out. Sometimes (be still my heart) two or three or more at a time. Oh the excitement! The entertainment!

But there's a price for me to pay: frustration 'cos I can't get at them, can't chase them, which would give me needed exercise, non? GG says it's lucky I don't know that a window has two sides. (I have no idea what she means.) Also, she's a bit suspicious even though she agrees it's important to Take an Interest in Nature. She mutters names that mean nothing to me. Other times she picks up her reference book, the one with a bird on the cover (that's how I know what it is).

GG also says simply imagining that you're running and chasing has an effect on your body, according to science. Go figure!! (mine is slimming down, in case you're interested.)

GG also says it's time she gave that exclamation mark key a rest.