Now that the heat of summer is upon us, I have a new favourite thing — yes, even takes priority over nibbling at kibble, if you can possibly believe that. See, every day now and sometimes more than once, when I deign to enter the house and flop down on my side, GG does more than give scratchies and/or tickles on my tummy. She picks up this purple plastic object, supposedly in the shape of a cat, and brushes me. This is bliss. Truly.

She's trying to teach me to roll over so she can brush my other side. I'm undecided as to whether I should co-operate or not. I mean 'roll over' is a trick for dogs, ain't it?

She accompanies the stroking movements, not with her usual admiring cooing remarks ('Who's a lovely boy, then?'), but with exclamations as to how much fur I'm shedding. It's okay. Don't worry that I'll soon look like a shorn, short-haired feline. I have plenty of fur to spare. Am happy to lose it... for the next two or three months anyhow.

GG says I've shed enough to fill a small pillow. Ummm... why would she bother to do that???

GG on the other hand, is quite the opposite. i.e. she brushes her hair in an attempt to stop shedding. This is a very strange exercise, not to mention vain (i.e. pssst, I don't think it's working). She bends over so that her head is upside down. I mean, why would she do that when she's a human being and has the unique privilege of standing upright??