GG and I are at loggerheads — whatever that means. Well, this cat of the great brain knows what it means but is puzzled by the ‘loggerhead’ word. And no, I have no intention of asking around. 

At this time of nearing the summer Solstice, since a couple of days ago we have the earliest mornings of the year. The sky lightens around 4.30, the purrrrfect time for me to have a little snacky-snack before I

do my morning check-up on our immediate environs.


Unlike me, GG doesn’t wake in the early dawn. To remedy this, I consider it one of my feline duties to let her know when morning has broken. At first, a few plaintive miaows and mews outside her closed bedroom door worked the charm. But a couple of nights ago she issued a challenge. On her way to bed she shut the middle door. Now it seemed, voicing my urgency wasn’t sufficient. 


You’ll be glad to know I worked out a new strategy: a series of loud bangs. GG still isn’t sure how I manage such remarkable percussion, but really, she was the one who organized a metal disc on my collar. All I have to do is throw myself down from one side to another and I achieve a fair amount of noise by connecting with the wooden floor.


On a final note, I can’t understand why she doesn’t appreciate my vocals. In our relationship of give and take, I never object to her singing, no matter how off key she veers.