Soooo... GG's trying (with some success, I must admit) to teach me to roll over. I'm conflicted. I mean, I do want to please her and there are some side (pun intended) benefits, which I'll get to in a moment, BUT "Roll over" is usually what's taught to Rover, not roaming kitty-cats.

However, there's the benefit, which goes like this: See, I love love LOVE scratchies. You'd be amazed at how long I can lie on my side and allow GG to pet me, run fingers through my hair, stroke under my chin, about the face and ears and so on. Comes a moment though, eventually, when I realize the side I'm lying on is not only not getting its fair share of spa-treatment, but getting none at all! What an up-all-ing situation.

I incline a little to one side. GG scratches my tummy, says, "Roll over Freddie", aaaaaand over I go.

You should just hear the accolades!

Hmm. Maybe acting like a dog can be a good idea on occasion?

I don't care much for canines. I've learned to ignore the hysterical yapping that issues from the other side of the hedge when our neighbour's dogs are outside. Also, I've taught myself not to be fearful, but not foolhardy either. As long as they respect the required social-distancing, that is, and the black and beige Rovers don't cross over to my side of the hedge, I'm cool.

As regards what I'm looking at in the pic, keep 'em guessing is my philosophy.