I've decided that from now on GG stands for Golden Girl. Agreed? Although, with this extreme heat she doesn't spend enough time outdoors to change colour. And me, all I do is shed. Yes, still. Fur comes off when she brushes me, muttering all the time. 

This morning she had to spoil my beauty because I came in with the kind of burr on my back that she can't pull out. So she had to cut off a whole chunk of hair. Now I have a hole over my spine. I wonder how she'd like it if the case were reversed and her hair was butchered in a similar fashion? She'd have to go for a very short, man-like cut. Which could be trendy.

Today is another heat warning day, so she'll mostly be inside. Me, well, on these long summer days and warm summer nights, I like to spend a lot of my time outdoors... and I mean, a lot. GG sometimes gets a bit anxious when I'm not in the house for hours at a time. Then I make it up to her by letting her take much longer than usual to give me scratchies.

I do usually take a post prandial nap, as you can see from the pic.