I don’t like it when GG wears her glasses. They make her look weird. Not normal,. especially those enlarged irises. Not that she can vary the look of the latter as much as I can (deep black, pale emerald). Her eyes pretty much stay the same washed-out blue all the time, although the rims vary from beige to pink to red. Not sure what that’s about… well, it’s about aging human beings and not cat beings.

Yesterday, however, I got an inkling as to why she needs to put those spectacles on her nose. See, I usually —make that always— chomp up every single separate blob of kibble in my dish. So GG was puzzled when she noticed I’d left one itty bit behind. Eventually, at the end of the day when she was about to dish up my evening meal, she decided to investigate. And what, with glasses on her nose, did she discover? You’ll never guess.

Well, mid-morning she’d needed an energy boost and had shaken some sultanas out of the packet. One had landed on the kitchen counter. Not being able to see perfectly, she thought it was a piece of kibble and swept it into my bowl.

Just fyi, GG, cats don’t like grapes, raisins, sultanas or currents. Sorry!

Maybe I’ll reconcile myself to the glasses, now that I’m aware they serve a purpose.

However, I’m not sure what I can do about GG’s absent mindedness. Sometimes she’s thinking about the story she’s writing, then all is forgiven. But sometimes her mind is simply elsewhere.

Take the other evening at kibble time. She picks up the scoop, opens the bag and tries to give me…. Potato chips!! So once again, GG, fyi: cats are not fond of potatoes in any form or colour.

Stick with the kibble, woman. Stick with the kibble.

(but some mushy would be nice, when you manage a trip to the pet store).

Karma did come to bite her, or maybe it was one of our house goblins because at evening snack time, she tried to pour herself out some kibble instead of kettle-cooked chips!!