The Blue-eyed boy came to visit yesterday... and mow GG's clover lawn, to converse about life and consider how many cats he's going to own when he's grown up. (Yes, I got lots of blissful scratchies.) He's grandson number three, and the reason she and I live where we do 'cos she and her beloved moved here to provide day-care for him. Now, of course, it's me she gives day-care to. Not actually tooooo strenuous when I lie around in sloth most of the day.... But I digress.

He asked GG "What are you doing during these Covid days?"

GG answered, "I've been writing up a storm".

Now, admittedly, we've had a few of those noisy, wet weather events recently; but why, I ask you, would anyone want to conjure one up?

I wonder if it's her fault we had a cloudburst type of downpour the other day. GG spotted me lurking in the car port. She came out to grab me — just in time! Well, in fact I was already wet from the rain. GG kindly rubbed me off with a scrap of towel she keeps for the purpose. So that was okay. The noise scared me, though. Thor threw an almighty thunderbolt across the heavens. I slunk down the passage and hid under her bed. No photo opp there, so here's one from early days, with me up on the bed.  

GG seemed to think she needed to Be Prepared. She rummaged around in a cupboard for candles and candleholders. A wise move as our electricity went off for some hours. I can see fine in the dark, but humans? Not so much.