GG tells me that's what she used to call an acquaintance from yonks ago who used to phone with info and preface her monologue with 'Briefly...' Then she'd subject GG to a long string of words.

Today, I don't have a long string of anything. That piece of blue wool I used to play with as a kitten is hiding in a drawer (or so I believe).

GG thinks you might be weary of seeing pics of moi. Meow???? Is that even possible?

So she's doing that 'your memories on' thing. i.e. looking back at this time last year. This was when I was sent to stay with Misty and Cookie nearby at that house owned by the man who should be called Kilometres (to be PC) and Chere Cheryl. GG meanwhile, was basking in the UK sun and giving scratchiest to Patches... also known as Patchy. IMHO the latter cognomen is appropriate.

Here she is, lying on the windowsill in daughter's English kitchen. We don't have much in the way of windowsills in our house, but I might urge GG to provide me with a large chunk of pink quartz. Just imagine all those dreams and energies I might pick up if I lay with my head against it like Patchy!?!!