Here I am, putting in my twenty minutes in the sun to ensure I get enough Vitamin D. (Q: how much does a cat actually need?) So, as you can see, I'm lying. Actually, in both senses of the word because I spend a lot of time out in the fresh air. Might even be close to twenty hours rather than minutes.

Also, the Covid cat keeps cavey — when outdoors, that is. I ignore the squirrels, cock a snook at the dogs (i.e. give them a nonchalant swish of my tail and crouch down into the grass) and explore the neighbours' gardens in hopes of extending my territory. That's working quite well for me. And if I didn't, well, this whole Covid sequestration is getting kind of old, non? At least, that's what GG's feeling. So I take it as my duty, the least I can do, to blast in now and then through my cat flap to mew her the latest news.

Our new neighbours moved in!! At long last. We've been anxiously awaiting their arrival for months. However, I have to confess that all the next-door activity freaked me out. So I reverted to my old habit and went to my safe place i.e. hiding under GG's bedcover.

Word is, many reporters don't get paid these days, but I do. I get paid in kind, with kibble. Yay!

After a hard days' night and sometimes half the day too, I need to sleep it off. GG's fine with that. And so she should be, the way she crashes on her bed after lunch for an hour or so. She claims she does reading, but truly? Twenty minutes at most. I think I should tell her, better to curl up outside in the sun.