Note: GG received some push-back for not posting a pic of meow last time. So today you get two as compensation. Here I am, making sure I get my share of fresh air. Altho, truth to tell, that's not an issue with me right now. Read on to discover what is...

 GG’s on a ‘don’t buy any bread, cut out gluten’ kick. Huh. She doesn’t seem to think the latter includes Chocolate Digestive cookies or Chocolate Chip cookies.

Today (this a.m. actually) I made a sobering discovery. I really don’t like rice cakes.

(see suitably indignant expression in photo above) 

 Worse, she buys those ultra-healthy organic brown ones… although I notice she gets the salted variety. She had one topped with Dutch cheese along with her lentil soup last night (home made, natch). Afterwards, she neglected to check for crumbs left on the table cloth.


So this morning I noticed a tempting morsel left by ‘my’ place at the dining table. 

I scooted it onto the floor and suffered a huge disappointment. I mean, what self-respecting feline wants to nibble on a bubble of rice?


Another thing: Sometimes I’m allowed to sit on GG’s lap when she’s writing on her computer. In fact, I’ve been there so often I even know her password! Not that it’s of much use to me. My paws are too big to push down one key at a time. This also means I can’t do any on-line shopping. Not that I know how, not even from observation. GG prefers to go out to the store. She returns with three bags full. Usually she unpacks those straight away, but yesterday she left one on the floor. So I crept inside. Disappointment awaited. I mean, not even with meow sharp claws is it possible for a cat to peel a clementine… if I’d actually wanted to, that is.