GG's been doing a bit of garden clean up, and here I am, helping her. (wink wink). (My wink consists of squeezing my eyes shut. I do that at GG from time to time to show I really do love her).

However, today's update has to do with inside clean up.

Thanks to chere Cheryl and the man whose name should be Kilometres, GG has a robot vacuum. She got it as a present and thinks it's one of the Best Things Evah, especially as the regular kind of vacuuming doesn't do her heart any good — never mind that she's inclined to be disinclined.

It was chere Cheryl who said the appliance needed a name. GG replied "Well, if that's the expected norm..." and voila! Norm got his name.

However, I'm wondering if they got the gender wrong (?) because Norm speaks in a tinny, female voice. It's annoying when he commands to be moved to another place. GG picks him up. She says he's about as heavy as meow.

The problem with Norm is that he has a mind of his own. i.e. he doesn't go where GG thinks he should. So he crawls over and over the same section of floor. Other crummy places, he ignores, like under the dining table. (I think maybe he's learned he can get stuck under there and so is a bit scared) Then GG has to coax him a bit, or block his intention. As for meow, I disdain the whole question and make sure to keep out of his way. In any case, as a matter of principle, I stay above such mundane matters as house cleaning. For proof, see pic of me up on my cat tree.

But I have to confess, I was somewhat freaked out at first, and thought he was out to get me. Then, being a cat of great intelligence, I wised up. I realized his movements were random, had nothing to do with mine, and that even if he chased me what could happen? He has no claws, no teeth, if you don't count his brushes. Besides, I'm fond of brushes.

Almost every time after Norm has done his thing, GG has to clean him. He gets choked up. Not with emotion, that would be too much to expect of a vacuum (although other robots might be different) but with my fur. GG doesn't really care, but I wouldn't mind if she remembered to brush me more often. How very fortunate that she never forgets to give me kibble.