Every now and then, like this a.m. for e.g., I get the Zoomies. Nothing to do with Zooming on the computer to communicate with other members of our feline family i.e. Misty and Cookie at OP (the Other Place, in case you've forgotten) Patches in the YouKay (?) and Sootie and Silver in sunny CalifornIA. Silver is the latest addition. She looks a bit tarnished. Like me, she's a rescue pet from the Humane Society. She's still learning to behave herself and not run up the linen curtains. I consider her to be no beauty like meow, but word is, she has Character — so much more important, non? As for me, I have both even tho I sez it wot shouldn't.

My Zoomies go down like this... or rather, go 'up'. I leap onto the backs of the armchairs, hit the couch, creep along the corner table so as not to knock over the orchid, and generally race around the room. GG shakes her head and sez I remind her of when her offspring were small. They called this game 'Playing Pirates'. The idea was to get around the living room without putting your feet on the ground = the water! I'm pretty good at it. Just call me, not Al, but Flying Fred.

GG puts the craziness down to the full moon. In my opinion, it's good to be a bit of a lunatic. I don't want GG to settle into a staid existence. No Siri.