As you can tell from the pic, I'm feeling somewhat indignant. See, I heard that humans consider non-humans to be dumb animals. Huh? 

I can always suss out what GG's thinking and feeling. The problem comes when she doesn't pick up what I'm conveying to her. Often I have to wonder, 'How can she be so stupid?' It's perfectly clear to me. I want more kibble, I want to go out the front door, I want more kibble, I want to sit on her lap, I want more kibble.

She stares at me. "What is it, Fred?" I stare back, expecting her comprehension. But no, she expects me to vocalize. Of such, you know I have an extensive range. She and I have back and forth conversations but it seems that doesn't quite do it for her.  

I think it's high time she learned to understand spoken and non-spoken cat talk.

Miaow for now.

p.s. As you'll no doubt be thrilled to observe, my beauty has been restored. The vet proclaimed my injured ear would never come right.... I rest my case!