I don't like it when GG leaves the property and goes gallivanting. 'Rondloping' (i.e. running around) she calls it, although I can't remember ever seeing her actually run. In any case, she's done very little of abandoning me over the past long while. But now, things are changing. She's been out visiting no less than three times in the past ten days. I mean!!

It behoves me, when she's away from home, to be a watch-cat. I stay indoors, on duty. As soon as I hear the sound of car wheels on asphalt, I rush to the entrance hall, and fling myself down for scratchies (more on this in another post). Then, when she gets tired of bending over and running her fingers through my hair, I'm out of there.

Whenever I come bursting back in through my special swing door, she exclaims, "Freddie! Hallo!! Where've you been?"  

So I tell her "iaowt". Pretty obvious, non? But hey, a Q deserves an answer doesn't it? No matter how inane the question.

Summer daze are great, though. GG likes to eat her afternoon apple and drink her tea in the garden. Then we can be companionable together. I sit on her lap and purr. Yes! I'm a Big Believer in showing appreciation... until I spot a bug jumping in the grass, jump off to go catch it, swallow it and soon regret that last action. I mean, who wants a bug jumping around in their throat?

GG's waiting to fix this area. It's fine for me, but for def in need of landscaping. I can't help there. I'm only good at grassscaping. And escaping of course!

Miaow for now.