Not completely  true, but I'm definitely on rations. Mew, mew, mew. See, GG's been away for weeks and weeks so I've been staying at OP (the Other Place, in case you've forgotten). It was Club Med for me. Unlimited kibble, girls (Misty and Cookie... and yes, I chased her around), and plenty of toys. Only snag is, my girth expanded. And expanded. Yes, I got supersized.

GG was horrified. She's not even letting me try to squeeze through my cat flap. So it's in and out the doors I go. In all fairness, she did open the back door when I sent out a miaow for help. SOS! I'm having trouble lifting my weight off the ground so I can get over the gate. But I managed, folks, I managed. Maybe I'll qualify for the feline high-jump next Olympics. (?)

Talking of pics, here's one taken the same day Kilometres brought me home. GG says she doesn't know how he managed to stuff me into the cat carrier. As you can see, I'm not taking any chances with that bag (I'm not talking GG, but her big, red suitcase!!)